Baha'i bracelet new  and exclusive model 2017
Available in Nekudat Chen Haifa
Looking for Baha'i jewlery and gifts? you can by on line
and in our shop at 5 Herzel st Haifa 972-546818597
look for haifa769 on Google!
or in this link:

Baha'i Badges,pins -new product from Haifa

Baha'i badges and pins from Haifa
at 5 Herael st Haifa,Israel
Phone 972-546818597
and on our eBay store: "haifa 769 " in Google search

Baha'i faith gifts and jewelry in Haifa

Baha'i faith gifts and jewelry  in Haifa Israel
Silver sterling Baha'i jewelry
Ring stone on rings
The "greatest name " design
Baha'i souvenirs
Baha'i gifts and hand made wooden art items from olive wood
Baha'i greeting cards
Special greetings and Baha'i quotes engraved on wood
Personal engraving on wood items with no extra charge
Personal design Baha'i gifts on the spot
Low price general gift items
Israel souvenirs
Holy land Gifts

5 Hetzel St Haifa  near the post office and the Carmelit under ground train 054-6818597
 you may visit our Baha'i gift eBay shop:
Nekudat Chen eBay shop

Baha'i Abdu'l-Bahá photo on ceramic 15 cm,5.9' made in Haifa, Bahai gift

Tourist souvenirs in Haifa

where can you buy tourist souvenirs in Haifa?
Israel gIfts
In Nekudat Chen Haifa 5 Herzel st. you can buy fine  souvenires from Israel
Some of them are hand made from olive wood
Special Christian gifts from the Holy land ,Judaica and Muslim special items
and a special Baha"i gifts department
Muslim gifts and souvenirs

Jewlery for tourists
olive wood craft from Israel
post cards
hats and bags
Mags and cup
T shirts

Armenian Ceramic
Process of Manufacturing:
Each individual item is hand made with ceramic clay. Once complete it is placed in an oven at temp. 1000 C until hardened.
Each piece is then hand painted using metallic and oxidized paint in order to keep its natural color.
Again it is returned to the oven at the same temperature and finished with fine glazing

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